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Zinger Winger DX5000 review

by Kerry Smith
Zinger Winger DX5000 review

If you are searching for a cage that keeps your pets secure and safe without relying on the usual wire and plastic crate, then our Zinger Winger DX5000 review might prove useful to your search.

Among the major frustrations that many dog owners experience, is when they have trained their dogs, and these dogs turn into the best escape artists. This makes the animal capable of ruining their crates and cages just to get out, forcing the owner to buy new crates after days, weeks or months.

This is where the Zinger Winger DX5000 crate steps in, and it also happens to be among the top rated dog crates among users. Having its main material being aluminum, we will discuss some of its useful features in this review to give you a better idea of what it can offer.

What to expect

This is a serious crate, which works well to secure dogs that can destroy traditional wire crates through chewing through them or bending the wires. The crate is comprised of aluminum, which is quite strong, and it is quite large to accommodate larger dogs as well.

The company has been in the business for a long time, since more than two decades ago. Their aim is providing dog owners and trainers with high quality equipment, and they are trusted by many for their great reputation of making good products.

The dimensions are 40 x 28 x 32 inches, and the weight of the crate is 49 pounds.

Key Features

Best for medium and large dogs

The 5000 series of dog crates are best for dog breeds that are large or medium in size, including huskies, mastiffs, and boxers. The size itself is quite large as we mentioned before, but this does not mean the cage is too heavy either – the aluminum material is strong yet lightweight.

In fact, the aluminum gives it a third of the weight of a typical steel cage, while still giving high strength qualities. The only components that feature stainless steel are the mounting hardware and the Zinger locks.

As a general guideline, it is best to consider the addition of a ‘comfort’ buffer that will take care of the height of the dog, as well as the height of the crate, in order to give it ample space.


The design of the crate is meant to allow free air circulation throughout the sides and back wall, and this will help your dog remain comfortable. In addition, the open design will permit air to pass through the door, and this is further assisted through the upper and lower vent holes that surround the crate in triple rows.

Other than that, there is something interesting to note about aluminum – the metal dissipates heat quickly, which makes it an excellent material when you are using it to construct a dog crate, as long as you provide sufficient air vents. This will ensure the dog remains safe even in its crate.

Modular design

The crate is easy to couple with other Zinger crates, such as arranging them on top of each other to form a multiple crate system.

Its slam latching system

The doors will come with slam latches that take on a flush-mount design, which are also keyed in to add some extra level of security, even in moments when you are away. This will prevent unauthorized people from opening the crate door as well, and stealing your dog. The slam latch is the only part of the cage that contains stainless steel, and this will prevent rust and corrosion from happening.

Solid doors

Other than the latches, the doors of the cage are impressively strong. They are welded in and have solid bars to give them extra strength. In addition, a piano hinge (full length) and striker plate are standard parts, while you can easily reverse the door if you need to, or when you want to allow for right or left hand opening.

Attractive Finish

The finishing is quite beautiful, mainly taking on the look of ‘silver hammertone’ color. This is from the powder coat in use, both on the outer and inner sides of the cage. Powder coating protects the coat of your dog from discoloring, a problem that happens when a dog sits in untreated aluminum crates for a long time.


  • The design is very strong and cannot be broken into or out
  • The doors also have a slam latch, which adds security
  • Approved for airline traveling
  • One-year warranty
  • Has very good ventilation
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust


  • Very costly
  • It is not possible to fold the crate


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Final thoughts

If you happen to have a dog that suffers from anxiety or has a serial escaping behavior, this is probably the best crate you can get to tame their behavior and prevent nervous provocation reactions. It will also give the animal plenty of space and time to recover from retraining exercises, so the price is a reward for all the features it comes with – even though it is expensive.


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