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What You Didn’t Know About The Best Brush For Pugs

by Kerry Smith
What You Didn’T Know About The Best Brush For Pugs

Pugs are a breed of small dogs that are sweet, friendly with a squishy face and stout little bodies. They have many personalities and make great companions, but they require a lot of grooming. Pugs aren’t very hairy and some have a double coat that sheds quite a bit that’s why you need to get the best brush for Pugs for your grooming regimen.

Pugs grooming needs

Pugs are low maintenance dogs but they shed a lot. Some Pugs like the Fawns have a double coat that helps to keep them warm during winter and protects them from the sun during summer. To keep the shedding under control, you need to brush your Pug’s coat regularly with a bristle brush. The black Pugs have a single coat that also needs to be brushed regularly because Pugs are heavy shedders and if you don’t get the shedding under control you can end up with a lot of fur in your home.

Different types of Pug brushes

You need more than a good bristle brush to keep your Pug’s shedding under control. Pugs have different types of coats so they need different types of brushes. Those with double coats need a brush that will gently loosen the undercoat to reduce shedding and prevent your Pug from having a patchy coat. Pugs with single coats don’t shed that much but they still need brushing to control the shedding.

Here are some of the different types of brushes that are suitable for your Pug.

Slicker brush

This is a heavy-duty metal brush that is perfect for dogs with thick undercoats that can help to remove tangles and also remove dirt and debris. However, some brush bristles can be too long which can irritate your Pug’s skin, so it’s advisable to get a brush with the right length of bristles and a gentle hand when brushing your Pug. This brush has different shapes and sizes with a variety of wire lengths from long and stiff to short and softer bristles. Pugs have dense coats but their fur is short and doesn’t require long, stiff bristles to brush it.

Bristle brush

This is a must-have brush in your grooming kit for your Pug. Because your Pug’s coat is short, it needs a brush with bristles that are softer and close together which makes it easier to remove the fur from the brush after grooming. This bristle brush is great for Pugs with single coats.

De-shedding or rake brush

These brushes are made with a single row of metal teeth that are fine and shallow to help get to the undercoat and loosen the hairs. Pugs with single coats may not benefit from this type of brush-like it would Pug’s with double coats. A shedding brush helps to trap loose fur before your dog sheds it, but you have to be careful when using it to avoid scrapping your Pug’s skin.

Pin brush

This is a favorite brush for both humans and dogs. The hairbrush you use at home looks similar to the same pin brush for your Pug. This brush helps to remove the small tangles on the fur and gives the coat a smooth and uniformed look. It also helps to stimulate oil production which adds shine to the coat.


There are different types of traditional combs that look just like the human combs, but the difference is their rubber teeth that help to smoothen your Pug’s coat. You can use a fine-tooth comb to groom your dog’s facial hairs around sensitive areas like the ears and eyes. Avoid using a wide comb as it’s mainly for dogs with long hair.

Grooming gloves

If you have a sensitive Pug, grooming gloves will come in handy because your Pug won’t be comfortable being brushed with the standard brushes. Although the gloves may not work well with Pugs with double coats, they can trap the hairs on the outer coat and also create a great bonding experience with your dog. The palm section of the gloves has small rubber teeth that help to trap loose hair, smoothen the coat, and remove dirt and debris. You can also use them to massage your Pug’s skin and condition the coat.

Comparison table for the best brush for Pug

Check on Amazon
Smooth wooden handle, shallow angled teeth, for all coat types
Perfect for all coat types, good for bonding, can be used on dry or wet hair
Soft safe bristles for sensitive skin, excellent for de-shedding and detangling
Rubber material, used on dry or wet fur, great massage tool
Ideal for sensitive skin, soft round bristles, ergonomic design

SleekEz deshedding grooming tool

This is a simple blade with a wavy pattern and a wooden handle that is designed to remove loose fur, dirt, debris, and dander. The tiny teeth patterns make it easy to grab the hairs by their tips without tagging them from the skin which can be a painful and uncomfortable experience for your Pug. These angled teeth safely brush through the fur capturing any loose strands that collect along the end of the teeth.

The hair then falls neatly to the ground where you can collect later after you’ve finished grooming your Pug, so you don’t need to pull out the hair from the teeth. This makes it very simple to use and very effective. Apart from removing loose hairs from your dog, you can also use it to remove fur on your furniture, carpet, and pet beddings. The teeth are specifically designed to be used on different types of coats from short and long or fine and course. It’s very gentle and effective and it doesn’t damage the coat or cut the hair.


  • A safe brush to use on heavy shedders
  • Very effective at removing all the loose hair on your dog and furniture
  • The dogs and other animals love it
  • Doesn’t hurt or irritate your Pug’s skin


  • Not very effective on Pug’s with double coats


A great and effective brush with wavy teeth that do a great job of capturing most of the loose hair on your Pug and also on your furniture and pet beddings. It doesn’t irritate or hurt the skin or cause any discomfort when grooming.

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Pet grooming gloves

Pugs with a single coat won’t be comfortable with a brush, that’s where the grooming gloves come in. They’re simple gloves that trap loose hair as you pet your Pug. The gloves are made with soft and short rubber bristles that can capture hairs without you having to worry about irritating your Pug’s skin. These soft gloves can fit perfectly in most hands and an adjustable wrist strap is an excellent option if you’re looking for a solution for your Pug with sensitive skin.

By gently massaging your Pug’s skin with the soft rubber teeth, you help to improve circulation and flow of oxygen to the skin and also help in production of oil on the coat which helps in protecting and conditioning it. The soft rubber also ensures that grooming is done without scratching the skin or painfully removing the fur. These gloves help reduce the amount of fur left on your furniture, clothes, or car improving the air you’re breathing and making it easier to breathe. It’s very easy to remove the hair on the gloves as well as cleaning them by putting them in the washing machine.


  • Massaging your dog’s skin helps to stimulate hair growth
  • Excellent tool for bonding with your Pug
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Great for puppies and older dogs with sensitive skin


  • Takes a little longer than a brush to brush your Pug


Excellent grooming tools that also help you to bond with your Pug as you carry out your regular grooming routine. The rubber teeth are soft and gentle and you don’t have to worry about scratching your Pug’s skin. The massaging helps to stimulate the production of oils that give the coat a shiny and healthy look.

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Hartz slicker brush

This is a great brush that is also recommended by professional groomers that is very helpful in detangling, de-shedding, and removing loose hair both cats and dogs. The brush is made with soft bristles that ensure it doesn’t irritate or scratch your Pug’s skin during grooming, but still strong enough to remove all the loose hair from your Pug’s undercoat.

If your pet is a heavy shedder, you can use this brush to get the shedding under control at the same time help in increasing the production of oils on the coat for a healthier and shiny coat. The thin bristles are effective in gently capturing loose hair and excess fur while detangling and smoothening the coat. Your Pug will enjoy the soft rub and massage as you reduce the shedding.


  • The fine bristles help to remove all loose hair and detangle the hair
  • The brush has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and control
  • The soft tips are perfect for Pugs with sensitive skin
  • Very easy to clean
  • Makes grooming easy and fun


  • Has a small brush surface so it can’t collect all the falling hairs


A brush that is loved by both cats and dogs and recommended for pet grooming to help with removing loose hair, detangling, and keep shedding under control. It’s a great brush for pets with sensitive skin and its daily use helps to stimulate oil production which keeps your Pug’s coat healthy and shiny.

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Kong ZoomGroom dog grooming brush

This is a soft brush made with rubber that attracts and holds on to loose hair. It’s a favorite among most dog owners and is perfect for single coated Pugs to help remove and trap loose hair without irritating the skin. You can use this brush on both dry and wet fur without any protest from your Pug. It’s very easy to remove the grime on it and clean and an excellent tool to use to bond with your Pug during your daily grooming routine as you keep the fur looking good and control the shedding.

As you brush out the loose hair, dirt, and debris, the brushing motion helps to stimulate oxygen on the skin and increase the production of oils for a healthy and shiny coat. This brush is perfect for all dogs and all coat types.


  • Has soft bristles that don’t hurt your Pug’s skin
  • Very easy to remove the fur and clean
  • Makes it easier and faster to bathe your Pug
  • A great massaging and grooming tool


  • May not reach the undercoat
  • You may have problems holding the brush if your dog is fidgeting


A rubber brush that you can use on dry or wet fur and one that will help you reduce your Pug’s shedding problem while at the same time stimulating a healthy and shiny coat. It’s perfect for dogs with short coats like Pugs and an excellent bonding tool.

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JW grip soft slicker brush

This slicker brush is perfect for double-coated Pugs with sensitive skin. It’s soft enough for you to use daily and the non-slip rubber handle has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and control. The soft rounded bristles are gentle on your Pug’s skin, but still strong enough to remove loose hair while stimulating the skin for a better coat.

The bristles have two different lengths to ensure it gets to the top and undercoat. They’re also angled so they don’t dig into the skin but glides gently on the skin without causing any injuries or discomfort. It’s not heavy to handle so you don’t get tired grooming and you can also use it on single coated Pugs.


  • Excellent for dogs with sensitive skin
  • The bristles are softer and easier to go through the thick coat
  • The angle of the teeth reduces the chances or pricking the skin
  • Brushes the undercoat leaving it looking great


  • You have to be careful as the bristles are sharp


A great brush for Pugs with double coats. It has soft and angled bristles that get to the undercoat without hurting or irritating your Pug’s skin.

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Brushing your Pug can be very easy and with a bit of patience and the best brush for Pugs, it can be a fun and a beautiful bonding experience for both you and your Pug. SleekEz deshedding grooming tool is an excellent tool to use when grooming your Pug. It has small angled teeth that are safe to brush through the fur to remove loose hair and keep shedding under control.

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