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The 10 Best Dog Beds for Pugs

by Kerry Smith

Most pugs are playful and have a cheeky personality, which is something that many pug owners love. However, this pug trait can cause problems when it comes to your pugs bed.

Lots of pugs tend to chew their beds whenever they get a burst of energy which can easily ruin their bed. This is why it’s vital as a pug owner to get the right bed for your pug.

Here are our 10 best dog bed picks for pugs.

1. The Bunty Deluxe Soft Washable Medium Dog Bed

This dog bed by Bunty is available in brown, blue and cream all featuring a simple design with the branding on the corner, making it easy for the bed to blend in with your home’s interior.

Thankfully this bed is machine washable meaning it will last a long time as you don’t need to replace it if it gets dirty or starts to smell as you can just wash it. Being able to machine wash can also come in handy if your pug does decide to chew it when they’re playing.

The bed is made out of hardwearing polyester making it perfect for pugs as it is robust enough for them to not rip if they do decide to start chewing it, whilst still maintaining a soft and fluffy texture. The beds tough stitching also gives it extra strength making it even harder for your pug to chew.

Texture is important when it comes to choosing the right bed for your pug because pugs are the kind of dogs that love to feel warm and secure, so a cold hard bed is not suitable for them. They much prefer a soft cushioned bed.

This bed is square, making it the perfect shape to fit into your pugs’ crate or in the corner of the room.

2. Bedsure Medium Dog Bed in Grey

This dog bed by Bedsure comes in a nice grey colour, which is perfect because it will fit in with the latest grey home interior trend.

It’s waterproof and machine washable which comes in handy if your pug was to have an accident as it won’t get ruined and you can just put in straight in the wash and it will come out as good as new so you won’t have to keep buying new beds.
This bed is filled with a 10 cm thick microfiber cushion making it nice and comply for your pug.

It also features a durable scratch resistant surface which reduces the risk of your pug ripping the bed if they start to scratch it.

The rectangular shape of this dog bed makes it very versatile as it can be placed in your dog’s crate, in a pet carrier or on a car seat. Thanks to the thick microfiber cushion, this dog bed will still be comfy for your dog if placed directly on the floor.
With a wide range of sizing options (medium, large and extra-large), this dog bed gives you the option of getting a larger bed if your pug needs it. You could also get a larger size bed if you have multiple pugs. Sleeping together is something that pugs like to do because they love being warm and like to be as close as possible to each other.

3. Amazon Basics Round Pet Bed

This Amazon basics dog bed is the perfect bed for you if you want a good dog bed for your pug on a budget. This bed is only £12.99 and has an overall rating of 4 ½ stars.

It features a soft flannel surface and sturdy polyester canvas sides and bottom, making it equally as comfy for your pug as a more expensive bed.

This bed has raised sides all the way around creating a perfect pillow for your pug to rest it’s head on when they’re tired. The sides can also help relax your pug as it makes them feel safe and secure.

Thanks to the soft material, this bed can easily be reshaped if it starts to lose its shape over time and can also be machine washed if it starts to smell or get dirty.

Weighing only 0.49kg, this bed is the perfect bed to travel with as it’s only light making it easy to transport if you and your pug were to go on holiday for example. This is great because pugs can often feel overwhelmed or nervous if they are in a new environment so being able to take their bed that they know and are used to can really help them relax.

4. Veehoo Medium Round Dog Bed

Even though this dog bed by Veehoo is a little pricey at £32.99 but there’s no doubt that it is a luxurious bed your pampered pug will love and will never want to leave in the mornings. Made up of premium quality polyester, this bed is sure to be super soft for your pug.

This bed is also very durable so it will last you a long time making it great value for money.

It comes in brown, pink, taupe, oyster, grey and chocolate so you’re sure to find a colour that best matches your home interiors and best suits your pugs personality.

Featuring a fluffy edge the whole way round, this bed can help make your pug feel safe and secure as well as giving them a raised surface which they can use as a pillow and rest their head on.

Pugs have fine hair which means they can get cold easily so it’s important that you get a dog bed that will keep your pug warm especially in the winter months. This bed is sure to do just that thanks to its furry covering.

5. Scruffs Highland Medium Dog Bed

This Scruffs dog bed is available in blue and red and is made out of luxurious chenille fabric and features faux suede piping. A material that your pug is sure to enjoy sleeping on.

Due to this bed being made up of one piece of fabric, it’s more durable and easier to wash. The one-piece fabric also makes it harder for your pug to chew because they don’t have any removable parts that they can move out of the bed and run around and chew.

A tartan print covers the interior of the bed which compliments the beds exterior colour. The tartan print makes the bed unique because most dog beds are fur lined and are only solid colours, so if you’re after something a little bit different for your pug then this is the bed for you.

This sleek design is finished with an embossed “Scruffs” logo on the front of the bed, which gives the bed a designer feel without having to pay designer prices.

6. Dreampaws Fleece Lined Medium Dog Bed Grey

This fleece lined bed by Dreampaws is perfect if your pug has mobility issue or is getting older because of it’s great design. The opening of the bed is very close to the ground, but its sides are higher. This is good because it will be easier for your pug to get in and out of the bed whilst the still maintaining a sense a security for your pug with its high sides.

Due to this bed being machine washable, dirt won’t be a problem to you because you can just wash it away.

Made out of faux hessian and luxurious plush (materials that can help regulate your dog’s temperature whilst they are sleeping), this bed is perfect for pugs because they can struggle controlling their body temperature and can easily get overheated.

This bed comes in a lovely grey colour that will easily blend in with most home décor.

7. JOYELF Medium Memory Foam Dog Bed and Squeaker Toy

Despite this bed by JOYELF being pricey at £49.99, it’s worth it because you’re not only getting a well-made good quality bed but your also getting squeaky toy included.

A new bed is something that a dog may not like at first because it doesn’t have the same familiar scent that their old bed did. So, giving your pug a new toy at the same time you give them their new bed makes the bed fun for your pug and can distract them from the fact that they have a new bed.

This bed features a removable, washable cover, a feature that can come in handy if the bed gets dirty or your pug has an accident on it.

The simple grey rectangular design makes the bed blend in with its surroundings and doesn’t draw attention to the bed. This can be good for owners who don’t want their dogs beds to ruin the way their room looks.

This orthopaedic dog bed is made up of memory foam. Something that is ideal if your pug has any health problems involving their bones or joints as it can help relieve any pain they may experience when they’re sat in the same position for a long time.

8. Ellie-Bo Medium Pet Bed in Black

Available in black, brown and blue this Ellie-Bo pet bed has a few colours to choose from.
This bed has no sides and looks more like a mattress than a bed which is perfect if your pug likes to stretch out when they’re sleeping.

You can put this bed inside a crate to make it more comfortable for your pug or you can just place it on the floor. This bed has an anti-slip base which means that it can be placed on wood floor for example and won’t move around.

Thankfully this bed is waterproof and has a removable washable cover which makes it easy to clean if your pug has an accident or gets it dirty.

Your pug is guaranteed to love this bed thanks to its luxurious faux fleece topping which will be comfy for your pug to lie on.

The mattress is portioned which reduces the risk of the stuffing moving and becoming lumpy in places after it’s been lay on. This means that the bed will last a long time.

9. Petface Paws Plush Medium Reversible Bed Black/Grey

This bed by Petface is reversible so you can change the pattern from black on grey paw prints to grey on black paw prints (2 colours that go well together and will easily match the interiors of the room that its placed in) whenever you want. It’s like getting 2 beds in 1.

As this bed is reversible, you can just reverse it if you get a stain on it that won’t come out when washed instead of buying a new one. So, this bed is good value for money because it can look in perfect condition for twice as long as some other fabric covered beds.

The rounded design is the perfect shape for your pug to curl up and fall asleep in.

This bed is machine washable making it easy to clean if your pug has an accident.

The bed cover is made from soft polyester fur which is sure to be comfy for your pug when they are in the bed.

10. JOYELF Medium Orthopedic Dog Bed

This bed by JOYELF is in a novelty pirate ship shape which is great if you want your pug to have a bed that is unique and isn’t a typical square dog bed. This bed is brown which makes it look more like a pirate ship.

The pirate ship shape is great because it has large padded sides that provides support for your pug. The sides can also be a great pillow for your pug.

This bed can be hand washed or machine washed so you have the option to do whatever you prefer.

The bed is made out of thick, sturdy tear resistant material which is great if your pug likes to chew their bed.

This bed is the kind of bed that is perfect all year round because the cushion has two sides a faux wool side that will keep your pug warm in the winter and a micro suede side that will keep your pug cool in the summer. Many pug owners end up buying 2 beds a year one for summer and one for winter because pugs struggle controlling their body temperature and can easily get overheated in summer but have fine hair so can get very cold in winter. However, if they bought this bed, they would no longer have that issue.

In conclusion there are a lot of different dog beds out there but the best one for you and your pug all depends on your pugs age and personality as well as your own style.

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