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SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage review

by Kerry Smith
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage review

If you are searching for a dog crate that does not break your wallet in terms of its pricing, yet still does a fine job of securing your dog, there are some options you can pick out – with the SmithBuilt heavy duty dog crate being among the most popular choices.

You can never go wrong with keeping dogs, as they are among the best pets to have, and their friendliness with humans knows no bounds. There are many people who keep them in their homes as pets, and the bonds they form with you and your family are some of the strongest ever, lasting for their entire lives. However, that does not mean dogs do not require extra effort to take care of – and that includes giving them their own space to operate and thrive.

Other than offering them attention and a lot of love, you will also need to train them and manage their behavior at times. In some instances, you will also need to lock them up in order to avoid embarrassing situations and teach them the value of discipline. The good news is that companies have created cages of all sizes, which ensure your dog remains comfortable, and SmithBuilt is among the most well-known ones.

What is the SmithBuilt dog crate cage?

The company itself is a family-owned one, and their aim is providing users with crates of high quality at reasonable prices. The main needs they seek to fulfill is from customers who are looking for high-quality, affordable products. You can also check out the cage here.

Important features

Thick frame

Numerous consumers that are searching for a heavy-duty crate are searching for one that is not too expensive, and this one fulfills those expectations.

The frame is quite strong and thick, with a similar appearance to a regular dog crate that house-trained dogs and puppies use. It is comprised of wire, and the frame is ¾-inches. The dimensions are 0.5 inches diameter, and the steel tubes are of the 20 gauge type – this also serves to increase the crate strength and durability.

Front and top door

To ensure your dog has an easy time leaving and entering the crate when it needs to, there is a front door to give it access. In addition, the top door allows you to have extra access to your pet when you want to, without necessarily opening the front door.

The front door has two latches of slide bolting mechanism, while the top door has one latch. Keep in mind that dogs can outwit the latches at times and escape, as any animal would, so you can solve this issue through using luggage locks that keep the doors locked.

Corrosion and fade resistant finish

The crate can remain in good condition for many years to come, due to the multi-layer and ultra-durable finish. This also makes it good for outdoor and indoor use.

Floor grate and removable metal pan

Any messes and accidents are easy to clean, fortunately. This is thanks to the removable metal pan and floor grate, which are at the base. These will help to prevent self-soiling of your pet, which is a common problem that many owners have to deal with, and makes cleaning up of any mess much easier without dismantling the whole crate.

There are some users that have raised criticisms about the grate being uncomfortable for the pet, but it will go a long way to helping you train your dog. Afterwards, you can make it more comfortable for them by placing a dog bed once they are disciplined enough.

Flooring is resistant to stains

Through the combination of a multi-layer finish and steel material, the floor of the crate is solid and resistant to a variety of staining elements. These include rust, warping, corrosion and odors. In addition, any messes from your pet are contained easily due to the lower lip that is around the floor pan’s perimeter.

Partial assembly

The good news is that you do not need to build the crate from scratch – it will arrive to you when partially assembled. The assembly is also quite easy, only taking a few minutes at most.

Ease of moving around

The cage also includes four wheels made from castor. This will increase the mobility in those instances when you need to move the cage, while two of the wheels are lockable to prevent accidental movements.


  • Durable and high quality construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Latches will keep the tray and doors in place
  • Affordable
  • Two doors to add convenience of access
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use


  • The locking mechanism is weak
  • Bigger dogs can bend the bars
  • Well-trained dogs can exploit the top door


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Final thoughts

For dog owners on a budget, he SmithBuilt Heavy duty dog crate is a worthwhile cage that solves numerous needs, but you need to keep in mind that your dog can exploit the locking system.


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