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How Much Do Pugs Cost?

by Kerry Smith
How much do Pugs Cost?

The price of an item is usually determined by its functionality; for example, when buying a phone the specs are used to determine the price such as the RAM size, Camera, the capacity of the MicroSD slot among others, including the color and size of the phone. Therefore, when determining the price of a Pug, the same criterion is used.

The only difference in price determination is that with a phone you don’t incur extra maintenance costs but for the pugs, you have to factor in the cost of owning the pooch. So before you bring home your Pug there are a number of factors that are going to influence their prices beginning with the dog’s bloodline, its reputation, breeder, the color of the court and the geographical location.

Another thing that you should consider is whether you want a pure or mixed breed because the former comes at a higher price than the latter. Generally speaking across several reputable sellers, lower-priced pugs go for up to $500, while the highly-priced pug will cost you anything from $1,000 up to $2,500.

Reasons for the pug’s high prices

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Most dogs have a life expectancy range of about 13years, though some hit 12; the pug, on the other hand, will give you a clean 12 to 15 years. Most of them, however, don’t exactly complete the stated years and you might have your heart broken after they clock 12 or 13 years. The females tend to outlive the men unless of course, they succumb to some infection or disease.

Given the nature of the pugs and the fact that they can be used as service dogs, and be able to live for those many years justifies their higher prices. Their demand has also contributed to the high prices as you will notice below this breed of dog are not readily available. The location from which you purchase your pug will influence its price because if it is coming from a different country then you will have to pay the shipping costs.

For example, pugs that are bought from India are very expensive; in India, pugs have been majorly used in commercials thus their popularity. That notwithstanding, famous celebrities both in India and America who adopted the pug, have largely contributed to them being famous; you may have spotted Jessica Alba, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, and Hugh Laurie among others with a Pug.

The prices, therefore, differ in different countries, for example, the price of a Pug from Canada differs from the one that you will want to get from the UK. Prices in Canada and the UK vary with regard to regional territories.

  • Lineage and Pedigree- a pedigree pug is a pure breed which means that they reign from up to three generations that haven’t experienced cross-breeding, and this is the most important determiner of their prices. The problem with a purebred pug is that they don’t necessarily get the genetic diversity needed for the pooch to be healthy.

This, therefore, means that by purchasing the purebred pug, its life expectancy is considerably lowered and they stand the risk of developing degenerative mutations and diseases. What’s more, is that pugs that descend from a superior lineage will come with a high price tag, so the more the number of ancestors the higher the price.

  • Pug Coat colors- American Kennel Club (AKC), is the relevant trusted expert when it comes to dogs breed, health and training information. AKC therefore only recognizes two coat colors for the pugs, which are Fawn and Black, but you might have noticed that there are more colors that have been bred out there than the two declared by AKC.

The colors are thus used to determine prices and you will find that the rarest of colors are very expensive such as the brindle variations, the apricot fawn, and silver.

Quality of the pug

The quality of the pug will also determine its price, and here you get to select between two types of quality, which are the show and pet quality. A show pug in the USA is one that fits the standards of AKC, with zero faults. The pug can thus enter a show competition and can be adopted as a specimen for breeding. With the many bred color pugs, only those that meet the AKC’s standard coloring will sell at high prices.

However, if you are purchasing from a breeder then you should expect to pay more for the pugs that have been branded as special colored. So if you want to purchase a pug, more so the ones that have been accepted, look for the ones in coats of fawn color, silver fawn, apricot fawn, and black. Other colors should cost you less, such as white, and brindle.

And before you rush home with your pug, the pet quality usually comes with their health records even the cheapest. The information that you should be looking for are such as deworming, puppy shots, and a one-year good health guarantee. They will also be sold with a contract (spay/neuter) but without the right to breed, whose aim is to maintain the integrity of the bloodline and breed.

Cost of Possessing a Pug

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Once you take your pug home is when you will realize the exact price of your pooch, things like the dog’s food are an ongoing expense and should be maintained as per the breeders. Remember your dog will need regular vet care, and to enjoy the sun and do some exercises you will have to get a leash and collar for your dog.

And to facilitate ease of movement when you want to go to different places, a Sherpa bag or pet carrier will come in handy. Pugs are prone to attracting fleas, you will, therefore, need a flea prevention product that also doesn’t come cheap. A steady supply of toys will also be necessary to keep them busy when no one is giving them attention, and to prevent them from damaging or chewing on your stuff.

Before you get a pug for your household be ready for a lifetime and financial commitment, the cute looking celebrity dogs are fed the right diet, and they do visit the vet frequently. Thorough research should be carried out prior to adopting a dog so that you can learn on the basic training routines that you can adopt to prevent it from damaging your stuff or helping itself in the house.

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