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Can Pugs Eat Watermelon?

by Kerry Smith
Can Pugs Eat Watermelon?

Fruits have a whole load of benefits to both humans and dogs, but unlike humans, dogs can only eat certain fruits. Some of the fruits, when fed to dogs, do have severe effects, for example, the citrus fruits such as the lemons and grapefruit would upset your pug’s stomach. Grapes and raisins are known for causing kidney damage.

The healthy and nutritious option includes oranges, which should be peeled, and the seeds removed to avoid unprecedented problems. Pears are also good for your dog and with this one, you can remove the pit and the stones inside it; not to forget the peaches which are also a good variety to include in your dog’s diet, but be sure to remove the pit before feeding it to your pooch.

Mangoes are also a good option though you need to be careful because the stone is known to contain toxic cyanide in small amounts and if ingested then your dog might start choking. Watermelon is also one of the sweet treats that you can feed your pug, however, you might want to get rid of the seeds to prevent chances of developing blocked intestines.

What nutrients does watermelon have to offer to your pug?

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Sharing your watermelon with your pug is normal, only that you might not be aware of the upsides and downsides of such an innocent act. You must be wondering how the stray dogs survive as they are always in the gutter searching for food, and eating anything that is edible and to their liking. The same will happen at home if you fail to feed your dog with the correct nutrients; you are bound to have problems of disappearing foodstuffs.

A balanced meal will, therefore, provide your dog with a balance of the proper nutrients thus alleviating deficiencies and unnecessary cravings. Fruits provide your dog with vitamins A and C that work to boost the dog’s immune system and facilitate the growth of healthy fur and supple skin. So what happens when your little cute pug is salivating over the melon on your hand?

As humanity will dictate man’s best friend can always have what man has and you will thus bend over to offer the treat to your dog. And that is when all hell will break loose because dogs don’t have the ability to separate the seeds from the flesh of the fruit and might also end up biting off small chunks of the rind. The latter is famous for causing gastrointestinal upset and you will notice that out of nowhere your dog has diarrhea.

Problems with feeding your pug too much watermelon

Apart from the rind making your dog to diarrhea, too much watermelon will also have your dog struggle with diarrhea. Digesting the melon is not a problem for the dogs in fact it is easy, but too much of it will be a disaster. Remember that 90% of watermelon is water, and Yes, your pug needs the water but in moderation.

Too much watermelon, therefore, will have your dog urinate frequently, which will probably lead to problems with the dog’s bladder. And a more serious issue that can arise from feeding your pug a lot of the melon fruit is bloating. Bloating even in humans means that the stomach is filled with gas and thus expands.

When the above happens, there are some organs in the stomach that will be under pressure leading to some form of pain. Blood flow to the dog’s heart or stomach lining would be altered and will consequently result in a tear in the wall of the stomach, which we obviously don’t want our furry friends to go through.

Since watermelon is not the main food for a dog, it would be wise to desist from feeding it to the dog every day. Pug puppies do love watermelon if introduced early enough, the fruit will, however, be beneficial if given when the pup has reached the appropriate age. Remember the problems that arise from feeding too much watermelon to adult dogs are doubled up when it comes to puppies.

Health Benefits that your pug will derive from watermelon

First, the water in the melon will ensure that your pug is fully hydrated, and antioxidants present in the melon are necessary for countering radical adverse effects and to help strengthen the dog’s immune system. In addition, anti-oxidants will obliterate the chances of your dog suffering from cancer and diabetes.

Constipation will be history with the intake of watermelon and the dog’s weight will be put under control. What’s more, is that the dog will rarely suffer from blood clotting problems, in general, a cup of diced watermelon will benefit your dog of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and lycopene. The benefits will come at a percentage of 155mg of potassium, 5% fiber, 5mcg vitamin C and 5g sugar among others.

Methods of effectively feeding your pug with watermelon

For starters, you could make treats for your pug by mixing seedless watermelon with milk or coconut water then freeze them. However, the frozen treats will be more appealing during the hot seasons, another almost similar recipe involves the use of seedless watermelon, mixed with honey and coconut; water freeze them and give them to your pugs in the hot season.

Other treats for your pugs involve mixing plain Greek yogurt with seedless watermelon and if your dog has allergies you can settle for the earlier options that don’t contain dairy. Lastly, we have the watermelon taffy treats that can be made with a dehydrator and some saran wraps; it will then be refrigerated after which you can give to your pug.

Lastly, the most common method that your dog will also enjoy the melon without having to prepare treats is by just serving it raw. Wash the melon to get rid of pesticides, remove the rind and the seeds and then chop it up and serve it as a snack. So as you comb the market for the perfect melon, ensure that the melon is ripe and blemish-free. You can bring it up to the ear and knock to hear the sound if it is deep hollow then it is ready for consumption.

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