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Can pugs eat bananas?

by Kerry Smith
Can pugs eat bananas?

When you have a pet, there is always the temptation to give them human food. Most pug owners wonder if it is safe to feed these dogs bananas. You can, but only in moderation.

Bananas contain some healthy nutrients that are inadequate in dog food. Feeding them too many bananas is, however, detrimental to their health.

Since pugs are prone to obesity, understanding the right forms of foods to give them is crucial. Knowing what to feed them can sometimes be challenging due to the different kinds of treats marketed for pugs.

We provide a solution by focusing on the benefits and effects of bananas on pugs. Learn more!

Are bananas healthy for this dog breed?

The digestive system of a human is very different from that of a dog. That is why every dog breed needs a particular diet for them to develop and grow without complications.

Bananas are a good source of potassium, copper, manganese, fiber, vitamin C and B6. Some of these nutrients are hard to find in conventional dog food.

Dog owners also feed pugs with bananas since they don’t contain any toxic substances that can harm the dog.

Since a pug’s diet does not have a lot of sweet food, some people use bananas as a motivational treat. You can reward your pet with a piece of banana.

Can bananas hurt pugs?

When a pug takes excess bananas, they could experience stomach upsets. Though bananas contain a lot of fiber, consuming too much can make your pug experience constipation or diarrhea.

That is why experts recommend that you introduce bananas to pugs in small quantities. If you have some doubts regarding feeding bananas to your pet, a vet can come in handy.

Though bananas are generally healthy for pugs, some dogs are allergic to these fruits. Giving them a small piece at first can help you determine if the pet shows any signs of an allergic reaction.

Some of the symptoms you should watch out for include vomiting and itchy skin.

Though bananas have low cholesterol levels, their sugar content is high. Feeding pugs with lots of bananas can, therefore, lead to excess weight gain or diabetes.

To prevent this, ensure you feed your pet with only half a banana each week. It should also be ripe enough.

Some pugs also tend to have very sensitive stomachs, and feeding them bananas may not be the best option. The peel of a banana may not be toxic, but it can lead to intestinal blockage if consumed.

Since the skin of a banana is quite thick, it cannot be broken down easily by the pug’s digestive system. Consuming it can lead to panicked behavior, appetite loss, or constipation.

Ensure you get rid of the peel before you feed a pug with the banana. Sometimes, consuming the skin can force a pug to undergo surgery for it to be removed.

How should you feed bananas to pugs?

The easiest way for you to feed this fruit to your buddy is by mashing in a bowl first then giving it to them.

Pugs sometimes tend not to chew food properly and can chock easily. Mashing the banana prevents any risk of choking. Some people also cut the banana into small pieces before feeding pugs.

If you choose this option, you should not cut the pieces into circles. You can also bite off the banana then feed it to your pug. This enables you to control the exact size of the piece you feed the pet.

It also prevents you from feeding pugs large portions of the fruit. Alternatively, consider making different dog treats from the fruit.

Combining bananas with other healthy fruits and vegetables can help the pug receive extra nutrients and even enjoy the meal more. Some of the banana treats you can make include the following.

  • Pumpkin and frozen banana

During hot days, try feeding this dog treats to your pug. They not only taste well but also keep such dogs cool. Though the treats are healthy, they still contain high sugar content.

To make this recipe, you need pumpkin puree, yogurt, honey, and banana. Blend the banana and pumpkin puree for a minute until you get a smooth texture.

You can even mash it up using a fork. Add the yogurt and honey into the mixture and let all the ingredients combine. Pour in some ice cubes and place them in a freezer overnight.

  • Peanut butter banana

You can also make cookies from a mixture of peanut butter and bananas. It is a quick recipe to make and tasty for pugs. Ensure you use high-quality peanut butter that does not have xylitol.

This sweetener is not healthy for pugs. You also need rolled oats to make these dog treats. Start by preheating the oven then crush the oats in a food processor.

Add a banana and peanut butter such that you get a dough-like consistency. Roll it out then cut into equal pieces using a cookie cutter.

You can now bake the cookies for around half an hour then give it some time to cool off. Feel free to store these dog cookies in a tight container and feed them to pugs in bits.

  • Carrot banana recipe

This recipe is full of healthy nutrients that pugs need. Carrots, for instance, contain a lot of fiber and vitamins and have low calories. It is a great vegetable that also contains antioxidants and beta carotene.

To make the recipe, you also need oatmeal that is an excellent source of soluble fiber and coconut oil that enhances the skin health of pugs.

The inclusion of parsley in the recipe can boost the digestive system of dogs and promote fresh breath.


It is undeniable that pugs have a high appetite. Controlling what they eat should, therefore, be your priority.

From the above, we can see that bananas are healthy for pugs as long as they are not taken in high quantities. They contain different nutrients that your dog needs.

Do not forget to involve pugs in some form of exercise to prevent them from gaining too much weight.


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