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Can Pugs Eat Apples?

by Kerry Smith
Can Pugs Eat Apples

Dog owners have every right to be worried about the fruits that their dogs feed on, or are being fed. This is so because fruits that are beneficial to human health may not be necessarily nutritious for your dog. For example fruits like avocado contain some of the healthiest nutrients such as potassium, monosaturated fatty acids, and fiber. They are also commonly known to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

The above can only benefit humans and not dogs, the reason being they contain persin a toxin that makes the dog vomit and diarrhea. Other fruits that dog owners should stay clear of are the cherries, grapes, and tomatoes; beneficial fruits that your dog could eat and that includes the Pugs, are apples, blueberries, bananas, oranges, mangoes and peaches the list is actually endless.

Are apples safe for pugs to eat?

Pugs can eat an apple because there are nutrients that are best supplied by the fruit and which will enhance the health and look of your dog.

Edible Apple parts for your Pug?

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Before we get to the health benefits of apples, it might interest you to know that there are over 800 apple varieties and if your Pug is a picky feeder then you might find it rejecting some varieties of apple. The green apple, for example, tends to have a sour taste in the mouth and the granny apple has high acidity levels.

The fruits offer the same benefits as the other varieties only that you might consider presenting it in a different manner like may be preparing an apple treat for your pug. The question, can pug eat apple, could be interpreted to mean whether your pug can also consume the foodstuffs that result from apple, like the apple juice and apple sauce.

Apple sauce can be fed to a dog, but definitely not the apple juice, this must be confusing given that they are both extracted from the same fruit. Well, the reason why your dog should not consume commercially made apple juice is because they are made with preservatives and added sugars that may have adverse effects on your dog’s health.

Apples are safe for consumption by Pugs, but that does not mean that you should feed it the whole apple like the way you feed it a piece of meat. There are some parts of an apple that need to be done away with as they may not be very nutritious for your pooch. So the very first thing that you should remove from the apple is the skin, because it may cause your dog to choke as it has a hard texture.

Also, get rid of the core, even we humans don’t consume the core, so why in the world would anyone consider giving it to a dog. Remember that the core features a tough structure that your dog might have problems digesting it. The stem doesn’t have any health benefits so it should also be removed, now the only thing that you are remaining with is the fleshy part which is the only safe part for your dog to consume.

Don’t forget to get rid of the seeds and the leaves.

What health benefits do apples offer your Pug?

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Malnutrition in dogs is not rare and once in a while, you will notice the coat of a stray dog looking dry and scarce. And from a close distance you can even see the skin, now compare that with a dog that stays with the owner; the difference is apparent because for one the dog is attractive with a full and luster filled coat.

The above are consequences of not consuming the required amounts of vitamin A. Apples, therefore, come equipped with the nutrient that will aid in mending your dog’s coat and skin. Apples also do offer vitamin C, which is necessary for the development of strong bones and muscles.

A dog’s immune system is necessary for fighting infections and for the rejection of foreign proteins, so the network of white blood cells needs nourishment to be able to carry out its functions effectively. Apples, do provide your dog with vitamin A that is essential in strengthening your pug’s immune system.

Dogs also do suffer from weight problems and too much sugar can be detrimental to their health. Apples, however, are a good snack for your pug because they help in moderating your dog’s appetite and alleviate weight issues. The fruits fat content is considerably low thus an effective natural supplement for your pug, proteins and calorie content in apples are considerably low, but you might want to introduce other natural supplements with fewer calories.

So how best can you feed the apple to your pug?

Dogs just like human beings get bored with clichés, so when you offer fruit or a treat, the excitement on your dog’s face and the desire to chow down the delicacy might have you thinking of how best you can provide other alternatives in the dog’s diet.

The normal procedure of preparing the apple for your pug would include washing, thoroughly of course, and if it is not organic do your dog a favor and soak the fruit in a baking soda solution for about 15minutes to get rid of pesticides. Carefully remove the skin, spare the flesh, then cut in the middle and remove the core and the seeds.

The flesh part of the apple is now ready to be served and you can use this time to bond with your four-legged wrinkly friend. Dogs wouldn’t mind being fed from the hand but you can also use their feeding plate. Picky pugs will at times refuse to feed on raw apples; you could, therefore, try out other recipes that contain cooked apples.

Is it worth combining an apple with another snack?

Alternatively, you could make your pug some special treat by combining the dog’s food with the apples or mixing the fruit with vegetables that are recommended for dogs to feed on. If your pug completely refuses to feed on the apples you could try some other equally nutritious options like oranges, broccoli, and cucumber.

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