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Best Treats For Pugs That Are Healthy And Nutritious

by Kerry Smith
Best Treats For Pugs That Are Healthy And Nutritious

You know that Pugs love food and it’s very hard to say no to their adorable faces looking at you when they’re hungry between mealtimes. And just like people, Pugs need to eat healthy foods to avoid gaining too much weight and the best treats for Pugs also have to be healthy.

Pugs are at a higher risk of gaining weight because of their short legs and snouts which make exercise difficult and less appealing, but too much weight reduces their lifespan and even worse hampers their breathing. It also puts a strain on their heart, back, and legs and the only way to avoid gaining this weight is for your Pug not to overfeed and to take regular walks for exercise, also eating healthy treats that don’t put your Pug’s health at risks like carrots, berries, watermelon, peaches, broccoli, apples, cauliflower, and zucchini can also be good. But before giving your Pug any treats, you need to first check with your vet. Peanuts are also good but are careful because of choking. Carrots are better when they’re chopped and slightly cooked.

Not all fruits and veggies are good for Pugs, some are toxic to dogs although they’re safe for humans. Some of the fruits and veggies that your Pug shouldn’t eat include onions, garlic, chives, apple seeds, avocado, currants, grapes, citrus, sweet potatoes, corn, peach cores, raisins, and cherry pits.

Different types of Pug treats

Fresh vegetables

Fresh veggies are an important part of your Pug’s healthy diet because they contain few calories, so you can give your Pug a few extra treats in between meals without having to worry about your Pug gaining weight. A few diced pieces of fresh veggies in his treat-dispensing toys will keep your Pug busy and help his exercise both physically and mentally while he feeds on nutritious food. You can also make a puree with veggies that are safe for dogs, freeze them in beautiful molds to make perfect treats for your dog during the hot days. Some of the veggies you can feed your Pug include carrots, zucchini, cucumber, green peas, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. You can feed your Pug healthy and fresh veggie treats daily.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits also form a part of your Pug’s diet, but not all fruits are safe and healthy for your Pug to eat. While some fruits are good to feed your Pug daily, others are for occasional feeding because most fruits have high sugar content and too much sugar isn’t good for your Pug’s health and weight. However, berries are great fruits to feed your Pug daily because they have very little sugar compared to other fruits, while all the other fruits should be on occasions and in small quantities. Some of the safe fruits for your Pug include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, apples without the core, bananas, etc.

Homemade dehydrated fruits and veggies

Instead of the fruits and veggies, another way to feed your Pug would be to dehydrate them at home. Although it takes a bit of your time to dehydrate them, you will be in control of what you put in the treats and they will be delicious enough for you to want a piece. It’s okay to feed your Pug dehydrated fruits and veggies, but make sure you choose the right ones like carrots, pumpkin, and zucchini, however, avoid giving your Pug sweet potatoes and potatoes because they’re high in carbs your Pug doesn’t need.

Homemade dehydrated meat

It’s better to dehydrate your meat instead of getting some from the pet store because you will be aware of everything that has been put in it. All dogs love the taste of meat and your Pug will also love the meat treats. You can make small dehydrated meat treats and long twisted meats for your Pug to chew to keep him busy and help in exercising.

Liver will make great dehydrated treats. You can also go for chicken that will make great bulky and thick chews, but make sure the meat you choose has very little fat before dehydrating it. Dehydrate the pieces of meat for as long as possible to remove any moisture to ensure that when you store them in the fridge they can last longer. Incorporate the dehydrated meat into your Pug’s daily treat allowance, but be careful as it has a higher calorie level than fruits and veggies.

Treats to avoid giving your Pug

It’s good to understand the treats not to give your Pug and why the treats or ingredients aren’t appropriate for your Pug. Here are some things to avoid.


These are harmful to every dog breed because they can cause problems with your Pug’s digestion, internal blockage, choking, poisoning, contamination from salmonella or E Coli.

Real animal bones

It’s not safe to feed your Pug bones from chicken, ham, beef roast, or other meat because cooked bones are brittle and can break easily into sharp splinters that can pierce his mouth, throat, intestines, cause choking internal injury, or blockage. Raw bones are a bit safe, but they also have splinters and eating too much marrow can cause diarrhea.

Pig ears

They’re hard and brittle for your Pug to chew and can cause his teeth to break and cause injury to the throat. If swallowed without being properly chewed it can cause blockage in the intestinal tract.

Comparison table for the best treats for Pugs

Man ingredients
Calories content
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Real chicken, cherries, turmeric
Freeze-dried beef liver,
Lamb, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples, chickpeas, and blueberries
Deboned turkey, potato, pumpkin, peas, oatmeal, brown rice, fish oil, flaxseed

Zuke’s mini natural dog treats

These are all-natural training treats that are perfect for any sized dog even Pugs. You can feed your Pug these treats regularly as they only contain 3 calories per piece and come in a wide variety of flavors that your Pug will love from peanut butter and oats, salmon, chicken, rabbit, and duck. They don’t contain soy, wheat, or corn and are free of any artificial flavors or colors.

These soft and chewy dog treats are made with real chicken as their main ingredient and other ingredients include cherries and turmeric which are good in helping to keep your Pug healthy. The turmeric is a natural ingredient that has great benefits including reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and relieving pain. These soft and chewy treats are not only good for special occasions, but they’re made in a perfect size to be used as training rewards.


  • They’re the perfect size to use as training treats
  • Loved by most dogs
  • Made in small sizes ideal for most pets
  • Contain actual meat


  • It contains some grain


A loved dog treats by most dogs that you can use occasionally or as a training reward because of their soft and chewy texture.

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PureBites Beef liver dog treats

This is a high-quality Pug treat that is rich in nutrients and one that your dog or cat will love. These dog treats are made with natural and pure beef liver that is easy to digest and contains no preservatives. It goes through a freeze-drying process that only removes the water and helps to preserve its whole food raw nutrients. This helps to lock the aroma of raw beef liver, the freshness, and texture that dogs love in raw meat.

The beef liver is a rich source of protein with only 5 calories per piece which makes these treats perfect for Pugs and other dog breeds with allergies, overweight, diabetic, intestinal problems, or under a strict diet. You can use these treats as a training aid when you’re potty training your Pug or training him to perform other skills. The fact that they’re low in calories and fats makes them perfect for Pugs so you don’t need to worry about him adding any weight. These treats are also available in other flavors that include chicken breast, chicken jerky, beef jerky, lamb liver duck liver, salmon, turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and many more.


  • Thinly sliced and easy to break into small pieces
  • Low in calories
  • Excellent for dogs with allergies and health problems
  • Made with real liver
  • They make good training treats


  • Some of the treats can be quite thick and hard


Freeze-dried beef liver treats that your Pug will love. They’re made with real liver that goes through a delicate drying process to remove the water while still preserving all the nutrients of the raw whole food.

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Wellness natural WellBites soft dog treats

These are delicious grain-free soft dog treats that contain fresh salmon and lamb. These treats are soft and chewy that your Pug can chew on every day or you can use them for training your pup. They contain all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, corn, or soy. They contain a special blend of healthy ingredients like real meat and whole fruits and veggies to make tasty and nutritious treats.

These soft, all-natural, tasty, bite-sized dog treats help to support your Pug’s nutritional needs. They’re good for exercising your Pug’s teeth to make them stronger, good fiber for better digestion, vitamins to improve his immunity system, and protein to provide enough energy to keep your Pug active throughout the day.


  • Good for older dogs with bad teeth
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces for training
  • The treats are low in calories
  • Very soft and chewy


  • Some of the ingredients may cause gastrointestinal issues
  • Contain smoked flavoring that can affect some dogs


Healthy and nutritious treats that contain 8 calories and are made from fresh lamb and salmon meat. You can use them as daily treats or training treats. All the ingredients are all-natural and free of corn, soy, or any artificial colors or flavors.

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Blue Buffalo basic grain-free dog food

This is high-quality grain-free dog food that is high in quality protein from a single animal source, omega 3 and 6, easily digestible carbs to keep your Pug healthy. It contains no chicken or beef that can cause allergy flare-ups in your Pug, no wheat, corn, soy, or dairy products. These dog treats are formulated to help pups grow while keeping them healthy.

The main ingredient is real turkey that is high in protein to provide energy to keep your Pug active during the day while carbs like peas, oatmeal, and brown rice provide nutrition and help with digestion, and the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in fish oil and flaxseed help to support a healthy and shiny skin and coat, which is also good for dogs and Pugs who suffer from food sensitivities.


  • Gives your dog a softer and shinier coat
  • Good for pups with sensitive stomachs
  • Helps in maintaining the weight of your dog


  • It’s a bit expensive


High-quality dog food that is made from real turkey to prevent adverse food reactions, easily digestible carbs to improve digestion, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support healthy and shiny skin and coat.

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Pugs are cute dogs that are affectionate and love to eat. They’re stubborn and hungry all the time and need snacks to take them through the day without being hungry. The only way to get this behavior under control is through training and using treats that are low in calories is the best way.

Choosing the best treats for Pugs can be tricky, but you need to ensure that the treats contain quality ingredients that are safe for your pug. Zuke’s mini natural dog treats are natural dog treats that are delicious, healthy, and fun with very low calories, so you don’t need to worry about your Pug gaining weight. Don’t give human food to your Pug, buy him treats that will keep him lean, well-fed, healthy, and above all make him active to train and exercise.

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