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Best Dog Food for Puppy Pugs: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

by Kerry Smith
best dog food for pugs buying guide

It’s important to know what the best dog food for puppy pugs is to make sure that your dog is full of energy, healthy, and happy!

Pugs are small but affectionate dogs and are among the most favorite breeds. Whether you’re looking for top-shelf or economical pug food, you want to make the right choice, especially when you first get hold of your pug and are in the process of weaning it from it’s initial food (often something soft like scrambled eggs or rice pudding) to specialised, specific dog food.

Wondering what the best dog food is to give your puppy pug?

Pugs are known to be very low maintenance and though they aren’t the most active dog breeds, they require a diet that is full of nutrients, especially when they’re puppies. Pugs gain weight very easily which can cause your pug to develop various health issues such as breathing problems. The amount of food that you should give your pug puppy depends on various factors like activity level and age. You should feed your pug puppy at least 3-4 times a day with snacks in between until 6 months when his metabolism begins to slow down, then you can reduce the feeding to twice a day.

Comparison table for the best food for Pug Puppies
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A perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support a healthy immune system and high-quality protein from real chicken.
It contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain joint and bone health.
It contains whitefish a high-quality protein source, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants for your Pug’s overall health.
Formulated with real deboned meat and real whole foods to provide natural nutrition for your Pug.
Specifically formulated for Pug puppies and the kibbles are designed with specific shapes, textures, and sizes for easy picking and chewing.

A pug’s puppy diet should include more calories and proteins which are essential for the development of bones, tissue, and muscles. You also need to consider some of the common health issues and distinct features in pugs, especially obesity and their shortened jaw, when choosing the best dog food for pugs. Digestible carbs like legumes, whole grains, starchy veggies, and beans provide fiber, energy, and essential nutrients, while the fruits and veggies also provide carb energy and fiber. Your pug also needs beneficial supplements like vitamins and minerals which are important to provide a balanced diet. Probiotics and prebiotics are also needed for healthy digestion while phosphorus and calcium will help in the healthy development of your pug’s teeth and bones.

Some Ingredients to Avoid in Pug Food

You should be careful with the food you give your pug, just like you would any other dog. Foods like onions, raisins, grapes, and chocolate are some of the foods you should never give a dog, however, there are some ingredients found in dry dog food that you should avoid for the health and happiness of your pug.

One of these ingredients includes fillers. Dog food that is high in soya or cereal is most likely made of inferior quality and will cause problems with your pug’s digestion. Also, avoid pug food that has animal byproducts as the main ingredient because they provide very little quality protein for your dog. Finally, wheat and different gluten sources should be avoided, especially if your pug has allergies or is sensitive to gluten.

Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Pug’s Diet

Pugs are small, but very energetic and playful, therefore you must feed your pug with a healthy and balanced diet. Being active means its diet should be high in proteins that are well balanced with complex carbs that will supply slow-releasing energy.

Complex carbs

Go for dog food that contains slow-releasing complex carbs to help provide your pug with a steady supply of energy throughout the day. This will help to avoid fluctuations in their blood sugar. However, pugs aren’t able to digest plant fiber very well so their fiber and carb intake should only be 5% of their diet. Choose dog food that contains potatoes, brown rice, and sweet potatoes because they’re good sources of carbs.


Crude protein should constitute 18% of your pug’s diet. For puppies, this protein content should be slightly higher, about 22%, to aid in its growth and development. The best pug food should contain quality animal protein as the main ingredient. If it contains animal byproducts, you should balance it with another animal protein source such as fish.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are very important in your pug’s diet because they help in keeping its skin and coat healthy. They also help to retain moisture in the skin which protects their skin from drying out. This can cause their hair to become brittle and even start shedding more heavily than normal.

Crude fats

As said earlier, pugs are very energetic dogs meaning they need foods that contain a high concentration of energy and animal fats (chicken fat and fish oils). Crude fats should form 5% of your adult pug’s diet and 8% of your your puppies.

Here Are Some of the Best Dog Foods for Puppy Pugs to Keep Them Healthy and Happy

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo food is specially formulated for small breed dogs like pugs. It is made with natural ingredients that help to support the healthy growth and development of your pug. This formula also contains DHA, which helps in the growth of strong teeth and bones, boost the immune system, supports cognitive development, and healthy skin. This dog food contains a healthy blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help in providing the nutrients your pug needs, support a healthy immune system, and provide a healthy oxidative balance.

This dry dog food contains high levels of carbs and proteins. Some of the natural ingredients include real meat, a high-quality protein source that is needed in building and maintaining strong muscles. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and fish oil that is good in giving your pug a shiny and healthy coat and skin. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals with antioxidants that support an overall healthy immune system. This is a natural dog food that doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, chicken by-products, wheat, corn, or soy.


  • Helps in giving your pug a healthy and shiny coat
  • A great formula for dogs with stomach and skin problems
  • Help in boosting your dog’s immune system
  • Contains natural and healthy ingredients


  • It’s expensive


The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is natural dog food that is packed with natural ingredients that ensure your dog gets a balanced and nutritious diet with every meal. It’s high in proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants that are all essential in your pug’s diet.

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Wellness Core Natural Grain

Wellness Core is excellent dog food for pugs with sensitive stomachs or if your pug has special needs or diet restrictions. The formula is made with natural ingredients that don’t include wheat, soy, corn, or grain. This dog food comes in small kibbles that small dog breeds like pugs can easily chew. The recipe contains salmon oil that is combined with the fatty acids that help in keeping your pug’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.

The antioxidants help in supporting a healthy immune system, while the fatty acids and probiotics help in digestion to ensure it happens naturally. You will find various Wellness Core formulas including small breed, turkey and chicken, ocean whitefish, salmon, puppy, and herring. All these formulas are grain-free and contain 80% more meat than other dog foods. Helping your pug in burning excess calories and fat while increasing lean muscle mass. Also, they don’t contain fillers.


  • The kibbles are small enough for the pugs and puppies to chew
  • The food doesn’t contain grain
  • Helps to support shiny and healthy skin and coat


  • It’s quite pricey


Wellness Core Natural Grain dog food contains enough amounts of fats that will help in providing good amounts of energy to keep your pug active at all times. The well-balanced blend of all the essential natural ingredients in the food ensures that your pug eats a balanced diet with every serving.

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Wellness Complete Health Natural

Wellness Complete Health Grain Free contains only natural ingredients and is grain-free, no meat by-products, soy, wheat, and corn. The formula also doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. This dog food has been formulated to provide your pug with complete and balanced nutrition. It also contains DHA which is essential in supporting your pug’s brain development and eye health. The easy to digest carbs are also important because they help in ensuring that your pug has enough energy to stay active throughout the day and is also rich in antioxidants. The kibbles come in small sizes that your pug can easily chew. The high amounts of high-quality animal protein are beneficial in maintaining your pug’s muscles.

Every meal you give your pug ensures that it gets enough calories and energy so that it can remain active, which will help maintain its weight. The probiotics and fiber help with digestion while the omega fatty acids keep its skin and coat healthy. Apart from providing the pug with a naturally balanced diet, this nutritious dog food is good for healthy body mass, joint and bone health, nutrient absorption, and overall health.


  • Provides your pug with good and healthy energy
  • The kibbles are the right size for pug puppies to easily chew
  • The omega 3 is good for your pug’s coat, skin, and brain health
  • Contains animal protein


  • Can cause allergies because of the presence of barley


The Wellness Complete Health Grain is a perfect blend that contains natural and healthy ingredients free of grain which is perfect for dogs with allergy problems. This dog food will provide your pug puppy with all the nutrients itneeds to grow healthy and happy.

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Merrick Grain-Free Puppy dry dog food

Merrick Grain Free dog food is formulated with the highest quality ingredients which supply your pug with superior nutrition and a tasty meal. This natural dog food recipe contains deboned meat and whole foods like peas, sweet potatoes, blueberries, omega fats, veggies, and other ingredients that are combined to make balanced nutrition for your growing pug. The deboned chicken, fish, or poultry provides quality proteins that supply adequate energy levels, provide muscle mass, and give the food a great taste your pug will love.

This recipe also contains omega 3 and fatty acids that are good for healthy skin and its coat while helping to maintain hip and joint functions. Other real whole natural foods provide natural nutrition that is free of gluten, fillers, preservatives, corn, soy, and wheat. This dog food will help to nourish all dogs even those who are a bit chubby and need extra help in maintaining their weight.


  • This is real food for dogs without any byproducts
  • Gives your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • The kibbles are small for easy digestion
  • Contains healthy chunks of meat and veggies


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Has some large chunks that small dogs can’t chew


Merrick Grain Free is one of the best dog foods for pugs that incorporate real meat, fish, or poultry so you don’t have to buy the meat separately to mix with the food. The real whole foods like fruits and veggies are an excellent nutritional addition to providing your pug with a balanced diet.

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Royal Canin Pug Dry Food

Pugs need to be fed a specific diet because of their unique body type. The wrinkles on their bodies need a diet that will help to strengthen their skin and provide it with the essential nutrients it needs. Pugs are small but muscular and Royal Canin contains plenty of protein to give your puppy a healthy caloric boost without increasing its weight. The formula helps in supporting your pug’s immune system, healthy coat, and skin, and digestion.

The kibbles are designed with specific shapes and textures that make it easy for your pug to pick and chew. The formula contains essential nutrients like DHA from fish oil for a nourished coat and skin and probiotics for healthy digestion and good stool quality. The recipe also contains antioxidants that include vitamins C and E.


  • Perfect food for little puppies
  • Specifically formulated for toy breed puppies
  • Comes in interesting kibble shaped designs
  • The food is packed with high-quality proteins


  • It’s expensive


A great option for young puppies that need extra care and nutrition for their growth and development. This dog food is formulated to build and strengthen your puppy as he grows and ensures that his diet is well-balanced.

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The best dog food for puppy pugs should contain enough nutrients, fatty acids, proteins, and fats to ensure your puppy grows healthy and strong. Royal Canin Pug Dry Food contains natural ingredients that help support the growth of small breed dogs by providing essential nutrients in their diet, making it one of the best dog foods for pugs.

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