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Are pugs a good family dog?

by Kerry Smith
Pug family dog

If you have a family and are thinking about getting a dog, it’s important that you choose a breed that is good with children. Pugs are a very friendly breed of dog; this makes them the perfect breed of dog for families with young children.

Do pugs and children get along?

Pugs are a great breed of dog to have around children, this is because they have a very stocky build meaning that they aren’t as fragile as some other small dog breeds like the chihuahua for example. This means that they can play a little rougher without getting hurt. Something that is important when small children in particular are playing with pugs because they may not be able to understand fully that a dog is more delicate than a human and has to therefore be handled with care.

Pugs are also very playful dogs which makes them the perfect companion for children as they can both play together.

If you have a slightly older child who is able to play with your pug, it’s important that you only let them play games with your pug that won’t risk your pug biting your child even if it’s something that you think they would never do.

Fetch is a great game your child and pug can play whereas games like tug of war or games that make your pug chase your child aren’t so great. This is because tug of war can be seen as teasing to your pug which can cause them to become too hyper and running games can result in your child falling and hurting themselves.

As your child grows up, they can start to look after your pug more by doing things like

• Take them for a walk
• Feed them
• Teach them new tricks

These are all things that can help your child later in life if they decide to get a dog of their own for example because they will already know how to look after a dog and will have been used to having a dog around throughout their childhood.

Pugs in particular are great for families with children of all ages and are great dogs for the family to grow up around.

Are pugs easy to look after for first-time parents?

Pug easy to look after

When it comes to choosing what breed of dog to get if you have a baby, pugs are a great choice. This is because pug puppies sleep up to 20 hours a day and adult pugs sleep around 14 hours a day, so the chances are they will sleep whilst the baby is sleeping and won’t disturb them.

Pugs typically don’t bark very often and when they do, they don’t bark very loud. This is great for families with young children and babies in particular because their bark won’t scare the child or wake them up if they’re asleep.

On the other hand, looking after a baby and a dog at the same time can be hard because dogs can get bursts of energy throughout the day and all they want to do is run around and play. If you’re looking after a baby at this time, you won’t have time to play with them.

Pugs can get jealous of a baby because all the attention will be on the baby and not them, this can make pugs feel left out and sad because they love attention. So, if you do have a baby or a small child and a pug, make sure that you give your pug some attention to prevent them from getting jealous.

Pugs are small dogs which means they don’t need to go for long walks. A 30-40 minute walk a day is plenty for a pug. This is the perfect amount of time for a person who’s busy looking after a child to fit into their schedule. You can also bring your child along on the walks because pugs are well behaved on walks once they’ve learnt how to walk properly on a lead.

Young families owning a pug is also good because it’s a great way to get your child used to animals that they will come into contact with many times throughout their life without risking their safety.

Are pugs calm around children?

Pugs are typically very laidback. This means that they are great with children because they are very patient and are overall very calm. However, when pugs are puppies they can be very hyper.

Despite their size posing no threat to children as they are small, pugs (especially pug puppies) do have sharp claws which can accidentally hurt small children when they have their hyper moments.

How to stay extra safe with a pug around your child

Teaching your pug the command “stay” is important when they’re around children. This is vital because you can tell them to stay in a different place to where your child is if your child is sleeping for example and you don’t want to risk your pug disturbing them. This command can also come in handy if your child is playing on the floor whilst your pug is there because you can tell your pug to “stay” where they are so they don’t start to play with your child’s toys. Something that a pug may do because children’s toys are very appealing to a pug because of the bright colours and noises.

Ensuring that very young children and kept out of jumping reach of your pug is also very important. This is because pugs have sharp claws and can accidently scratch your child if they get close enough. It’s also important because your pug could hurt your child if they jump on them as they are very heavy for a child with an average weight of 14-18 pounds.

However safe you think a child is with your pug, it’s important to remember that they are still an animal so you can’t be 100% sure their temperament won’t change suddenly especially if they’re excited and are not thinking about what they’re doing. This is why supervising you pug at all times when they are around children is vital.

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