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All You Need To Know About The Best Harness For Pugs

by Kerry Smith
All you need to know about the best harness for Pugs

Pugs are very affectionate and very sweet dogs, but they have trouble breathing so they require to remain active to help retain a healthy weight. Using a collar and a leash to walk your Pug might cause injuries and the fact that they have trouble breathing, any pressure on their windpipe could disrupt the flow of air. That’s why you need to know the best harness for Pugs to use when walking your Pug so that you don’t cause any injuries.

Harnesses are mostly used on large dogs, but they are also helpful with small breed dogs as well. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed which means they have a flat face and a short snout so the nasal and airways are compressed forming narrow nasal openings and a soft palate at the back of the throat that is elongated which causes breathing problems. The structure of the face and the short neck makes breathing difficult and if you use a leash with a collar, all the pressure and tension are directed at your Pug’s neck which can cause serious injuries.

Why does your Pug need a harness?

Like all dogs, training is key to achieving a happy walk and if your Pug has a habit of pulling on the leash, it will be very worrying and frustrating because he might hurt himself. A good dog harness should be able to control this behavior and also help in training your Pug. This is especially beneficial when they’re still puppies to help introduce good behaviors. Some harnesses are specifically designed to deal with some health problems like canine hip dysplasia or arthritis which affects the mobility of older Pugs. They can assist in carrying or lifting your Pug if necessary.

A proper harness can evenly distribute the tension, pressure, and force across your Pug’s chest, shoulders, and back which are much sturdier parts of the body because of the muscles and bones as opposed to the fragile parts around the neck. While collars are generally safe, they can put extra pressure on the neck and throat which can lead to throat injuries causing breathing problems in many dog breeds. However, a harness reduces the pressure on your Pug’s thick neck, head, nasal airways, and windpipe and still helps you to control and train your Pug reducing the pulling behavior.

Types of harnesses for Pugs

With so many dog breeds, it can be difficult to know the right type of harness to get your Pug because not all harnesses are suitable for a Pug’s unique body type. Here are some harnesses you should consider.

Dual clip

This type of dog harness has clips on both the front and rear which gives you more control over your Pug. The front clip helps you to guide your dog while walking while the back clip gives you more control in case your Pug lunges or pulls on the harness. This webbed design doesn’t sit well with some dogs because it makes them uncomfortable and can cause chafing around the shoulders. This harness is better for large breed dogs and dogs that pull a lot. It’s also more expensive than a standard harness.

Step in

This is the simplest type of harness to use because it’s easy to put on and doesn’t require any fancy clips or positioning and you can train your Pug to put his feet through the holes. This harness is preferred by most dogs because they don’t put it over their heads.

Front clip

This style of harness is best for energetic Pugs. It applies a bit of pressure to the sternum to discourage pulling and the position of the leash can get stuck around your Pug’s legs while walking.

Back clip

This is a common component that you will find in the step-in harness and with a leash attachment at the back. This is the best type of harness for dogs that don’t pull and have been properly leash trained. With the leash attached at the back, there is no chance of it getting entangled on your Pug’s legs as you’re walking.

Vest harness

This is a vest style which means it’s worn like a piece of clothing and doesn’t cause any chafing around the armpits. It has soft sides and a zipper or Velcro which makes it easy to put on and take off. This is a convenient option if you walk your Pug frequently for short periods each day.

What to look for in a good harness for Pugs

A snug fit: Depending on your Pug’s weight, ensure the harness has a snug fit, but you should be able to put a finger into the harness so that it’s not too tight to make him uncomfortable.

Easy to put on: Your Pug will hate the harness if it’s difficult to put in on.

It has some padding: Although the padding isn’t really necessary, it helps to protect your Pug if it pulls a lot. It helps with skin irritation that is caused when the harness rubs against his skin.

Pug harness size: It’s expensive to buy pet supplies but you can save if you get an adjustable harness. This way you can use the harness on your Pug from adulthood to his senior years.

Clip-on: This will depend on the control you want on your dog and the way you use the clip-on will make a huge difference. The front clip gives you more control while the back clip protects the neck from pulling.

Comparison table for the best harness for Pugs

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Padded breathable mesh fabric, waterproof, reflective straps, adjustable buckles
Padded chest and belly, 2 reinforced leash attachments, ID tag pocket, adjustable fitting
Soft mesh fabric, double D-rings, adjustable Velcro
Breathable and waterproof mesh material, quick-release buckles, 2 double D-rings, adjustable chest belt

Rabbitgoo adjustable no pull dog harness

This dog harness comes in different sizes for all dog breeds from the small to the large dogs. It’s a very popular harness that is well made and designed to give it a very distinct look. The harness has a mesh lining and soft padding on the inside and breathable nylon on the outside. The soft cushioning ensures that there is no chaffing that can cause skin irritation. It also has 2 adjustable side straps to give it a snugly fit on your Pug’s neck and chest. The two metal leash rings give you more control when your Pug is pulling. The adjustable strap at the neck and shoulders of the harness is for normal dog walking and the second one at the chest to control and train your Pug should be adjusted carefully so that you avoid tugging them too hard.

The fast-release buckles make it easy to put it on and take off while the reflective strips on the vest make it easy to locate your Pug in the dark and when crossing roads at night. The sizes are bases on weight and the small harness can be used on a dog with 18-35 lbs. To put on the harness you just need to unbuckle the chest straps and side buckles, then slip your Pug’s head through the front opening, but make sure the harness logo and D-ring sit on the back. Secure the chest and side buckles and put your finger through the harness to make sure it’s not too tight. Attach the leash on the D-ring and you’re set to walk your Pug.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Makes walking your dog much easier
  • Makes it impossible for your dog to slip through
  • The adjustable straps give it a snug fit


  • It’s not machine washable, only hand washing
  • Your dog can chew through it


A comfortable harness that is made with durable materials. It’s easy to put on and take off and the adjustable straps make it easy to get a snug fit.

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Ruffwear everyday no pull dog harness

This harness is perfect for an active Pug that loves the outdoors. It comes in different sizes so you can easily get one for your dog, but make sure you know the measurements of your Pug’s neck and chest girth before ordering. The front leash attachment is ideal for pullers as it helps you in training. This everyday harness is lightweight and durable with foam padded straps at the chest and belly area for comfort and to evenly distribute the pressure when walking or running.

You can adjust the harness at 4 adjustable points to a comfortable fit for your Pug. The buckles make it easy to put it on and take it off while the 2 reinforced leash attachments make it easy to control your dog. The reflective material makes it easy to locate your Pug during the day or night and the ID tag is a safe place to put your dog tags for easy identification.


  • The harness has a snug and secure fit
  • Helps to prevent chaffing
  • The ID tag section is a great addition
  • Very easy to put on and take off


  • If not fit securely your dog can slip out of it


A great harness for controlling and training your dog if it has a habit of pulling. The ID tag pocket is very convenient in case your dog gets lost and the padded chest and belly portion ensures your Pug is comfortable throughout.

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Puppia soft vest harness

This is a harness vest that is made with soft mesh fabric that is durable and easy to clean which makes it perfect for your Pug to wear any time of the season. The breathable and soft material ensures it doesn’t rub off on your Pug’s skin or cause irritation on the underarm. You can get this harness in different colors that you can choose from.

The chest area is padded to ensure your dog is comfortable when walking or running. The 2 D-rings attached at the back of the harness help to evenly distribute the force when you’re redirecting your Pug. Before buying this harness ensure you have the measurements of your Pug’s chest girth as it’s the widest part of your dog so that you get his right size.


  • Made with good quality materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • The Velcro is adjustable to give you a perfect fit
  • The material is soft and ventilated


  • The sizing can be different


A comfortable vest made with breathable and soft material that your Pug can wear throughout. The soft padding helps to improve your Pug’s comfort levels and reduces skin irritation and chaffing.

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Puppia authentic RiteFit harness

This soft jacket harness has a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off and an adjustable chest belt that you can adjust to your Pug’s body size for a comfortable fit. It comes in a variety of different sizes for both large and small dogs and also different colors you can choose from. It’s made with a high-quality mesh material that is not only breathable but waterproof. The neck buckle can be easily adjusted to fit your Pug properly as he grows.

The quick-release buckles make it easy to remove the harness quickly in case of an emergency. The 2 D-rings at the back of the harness gives you more control of your dog when out walking. Ensure that you measure your Pug’s neck and chest and add a few inches to the chest girth to leave a little room for your fingers to ensure it’s not too tight.


  • It fits perfectly and has room for growth
  • It can also be used on cats
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • The padded cushioning keep your Pug comfortable


  • Some dog owners had problems with sizing


A soft harness with adjustable buckles around the neck and back that you can easily adjust to get a snugly fit for your Pug. The quick-release buckles make it easy to adjust the comfort levels around the chest and neck and also makes it easy to use.

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Pugs are small dogs that love the outdoors but to control them, you need a suitable harness that caters to their unique body shape and size. The Rabbitgoo adjustable no pull dog harness is a great harness for small and large dogs and has adjustable straps around the neck and shoulders to help control your Pug and also to ensure it has a snug fit when walking.

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