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A Buying Guide For The Best Chew Toys For Pugs

by Kerry Smith
A Buying Guide For The Best Chew Toys For Pugs

Pugs have distinct faces and big personalities that shower you and your family with lots of love and affection. Because of the shape of their nose, care needs to be taken when they’re exercising, but they still need activities like playing with the best chew toys for Pugs that will stimulate them both physically and mentally to keep them happy and healthy.

Toys play a huge role in the wellbeing of your Pug because they help in keeping the teeth healthy, curb chewing, improve the mind, and encourage lots of physical movement. However, they aren’t supposed to replace the time you will spend interacting with your Pug, but toys are also a healthy way of keeping your Pug happy. When you go shopping for a toy for your kids, you always go for age-appropriate toys, and this is the same thing with your Pug. This helps to prevent your Pug from accidentally ingesting the toys.

What to look for in a Pug toy

Life stage

Just like your kid’s toys, Pug’s toys are grouped according to life stages from a puppy, adult, and senior. This helps you to get the appropriate toy for your furry friend. There are different types of toys, some are designed to help with teething issues and are made with soft material to soothe aching gums while others help to redirect chewing issues so that your Pug doesn’t chew on your furniture or shoes. These types of toys are meant for growing pups and wouldn’t be suitable for adult Pugs because they’re not designed to withstand adult jaws.


Small dog toys are dangerous and can choke your dog, so toys like puzzle toys, balls, and small chew toys shouldn’t be part of your Pug’s toys. Before you buy any toy, check the label to see the weight and size of the dog that that toy is meant for. If you aren’t sure of your Pug’s weight, go for a large toy that will be difficult to swallow.

Durability and strength

Different toys vary in their durability and their ability to withstand different elements like the outside environment. Pug plush toys are cute and inexpensive, but they don’t last while some dogs even swallow part of the toy. To ensure that your Pug doesn’t destroy the toy, go for splash toys with reinforced seams.


Most dog toys make a squeaking sound, but there are those that crackle or grunt while some can playback your recorded voice. Getting your dog a squeaking toy can become very annoying very fast, so if you get a toy that squeaks, ensure that you supervise him while playing because some dogs will try to destroy the toy to get to the squeaker which shouldn’t be ingested.

Different types of dog toys for Pugs

There are different types of toys you can get your Pug that accomplishes different roles in your Pug’s life.

Plush toys

A dog needs companionship and comfort and when you can’t be there for your Pug or you’re busy to provide a comfy lap to your Pug, getting him a plush toy can help reduce the anxiety and provide some friendship. Plush toys are best suited for small Pugs or dogs who at times can get intimidated by their surroundings and they’re less likely to destroy the toy.

Chew toys

A chew toy is one of the most important toys for your Pug or any dog because it not only help to control destructive behavior and also to helps keep your Pug’s teeth clean and healthy. For pups, these toys help to soothe their itchy and painful gums.

Active toys

These are toys that encourage your Pug to exercise to stay healthy and happy. It could be a simple toy like a ball to play fetch or any other toy that will make your Pug move. This kind of toy should handle a bit of chewing once in a while and also help you exercise your Pug even when you don’t feel like it.

Puzzle toys

These toys help to keep your Pug busy and stimulate his mind without having to be active. Puzzles help your Pug to think and keep him engaged in playing the game for long periods. Most puzzle games use food rewards so you need to ensure that you don’t overfeed your Pug.

Sound toys

These are great in stimulating and keeping your Pug engaged and interested. Toys that produce a squeaky sound, a bell, or a crinkle captivate dogs and make them active in playing and chasing these toys around to hear the sound over and over again.

Comparison table for the best chew toys for Pugs

Bottom line
Check on Amazon 
Interactive and mentally engaging help with problem-solving
Durable, simple, works as a food-dispensing toy
Different flavors, ergonomic design, comes in different sizes
A durable and strong material, soft, great for dispensing treats
Durable and tough material, yummy flavor, encourage positive chewing habits

Outward hound interactive puzzle toy

This is a soft toy that is fun that engages your Pug’s mind and keeps him busy for a while. This is a squirrel trunk with squirrels that you place on the floor and your dog can sniff and hunt the hiding squirrels inside. They’re made with durable yet plush material and a squeaker to make the game fun and more interesting. You can also use the removable squirrels to play a fun game of fetch with your Pug. To encourage your Pug to play, you can hide a squirrel halfway through the hole for him to sniff it out.

These cuddly, stuffed toys are interactive toys that you can use to play a game of chasing and fetching with your Pug for hours. Puzzle toys provide mental exercise and give your Pug a chance to solve problems that improve his mental engagement. It also helps to kill boredom and use excess energy in a positive and fun way. You can get to replace the squirrels from the company in case one gets lost. This puzzle toy is available in 4 different sizes depending on your Pug’s personality.


  • Very engaging toy
  • Helps to keep your Pug active
  • The tree trunk is well constructed
  • The squirrel toys are cute


  • Not the best toy if your dog is a heavy chewer


A good toy that will keep your Pug engaged and mentally challenged for a while. It’s made with good material that can withstand a bit of biting.

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Kong Extreme dog toy

This is one of the most durable dog toys that are perfect for aggressive chewers. It can withstand hours of chewing without falling apart like other toys. This is a great toy you can get your teething Pug and even more entertaining if you put some peanut butter of treats inside or freeze some treats to make it a bit challenging for him. It’s made with safe durable and chewable rubber with a three-tier design that helps to satisfy your Pug’s instinct to chew stuff.

It’s unique, durable, and all-natural rubber gives your Pug something to chew and its bouncy effect makes it the perfect toy for him to play with and chase after. This toy is great for teething pups and to help satisfy your Pug’s chewing behaviors and won’t crumble under pressure. It can also be used gently massage itchy and painful gums, and it comes in different sizes depending on the size of your Pug.


  • Very durable toy
  • It helps to solve teething problems
  • It’s not expensive
  • Keeps your dog active and engaged


  • May not be very appealing if it doesn’t have treats inside


This is a great toy for Pugs with a unique interactive design that keeps your Pug engaged and you can use it to play fetch. It’s also good at helping to solve teething issues and chewing behaviors. However, Your Pug won’t be interested in it if there are no treats inside.

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Benebone wishbone dog chew toy

Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell and this chewable dog toy comes in three different flavors that include bacon, chicken, and peanut to give your Pug scent he can’t resist. These durable chews are made with an ergonomic design that your Pug can easily pick and chew. These bone-shaped dog toys are made with real food ingredients to give them an irresistible flavor and scent that your Pug will love to chew on.

Your Pug will enjoy the different flavors plus they don’t have a disgusting smell like other toys. Your Pug can enjoy playing with this toy even at adulthood, but you have to be careful if your dog has strong jaws he can chew it to form sharp points that can hurt his mouth and gums. However, it’s safe for most Pugs to play with and chew on.


  • It’s loved by Pugs because of the different flavors
  • It’s safe for Pugs to play with
  • Has a soft yet tough material
  • Perfect for aggressive chewer


  • It can break or chip your dog’s teeth
  • Your dog can swallow the chewed off pieces


This is a great toy for Pugs who like to destroy stuff which will keep them occupied. It’s made with durable material and it can be quite smelly for humans. However, it’s not the best dog toy if your Pug has brittle teeth.

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Treat dispensing pickle pocket for dogs

Sometimes it’s better to get a simple toy that your dog can enjoy chewing and playing with. This is a simple toy that can fit in the small mouth of your Pug. Although it can’t fit a lot of treats in the pocket, your Pug can have fun chewing and manipulating it to get to the treats. The dog toy is made with durable and strong rubber material that is soft that will provide him with hours of fun and the green color will make it easy to find.

This is a creative way of dispensing your favorite dog snacks or food and can be a good distraction if your Pug is stuck indoors or it’s raining outside. It will not provide instant gratification, but because your Pug can smell the treats you’ve put inside, it will be an excellent way to keep him preoccupied for a while. It’s also a great way for your Pug to play with this toy in the swimming pool since it can float on water.


  • It keeps your dog happy and mentally active
  • Made with very durable material
  • It’s not expensive
  • Keeps your dog busy


  • It’s a bit difficult to get the treats in the crevice as it’s not wide enough


A simple and durable dog toy that your Pug will love chewing to get to the treats inside. It helps to keep your Pug busy, happy, and mentally stimulated for a while.

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Nylabone double bone chew toy

This is a long-lasting chew toy that has a yummy bacon flavor that would be perfect for an aggressive chewer. It will help to keep your Pug busy while satisfying the urge to chew and encouraging good chewing behavior. This toy has ridge patterns and bumps that are perfect for soothing itchy and painful gums while the soft texture helps with teething problems and also.

It’s the perfect size for pups to play with and as your Pug matures and grows older and depending on his size, you can get him a bigger one. And just like any other chew toy, you need to keep an eye on your Pug to ensure that the small or big chunks he chews off don’t end up choking him.


  • It’s not made with toxic material
  • Lasts a bit longer than other chew toys
  • Has a bigger size for adult dogs
  • Helps to reduce boredom, anxiety, stress, and destructive behavior


  • Not recommended for heavy chewers


An excellent teething toy for growing pups with a good flavor that your Pug will love chewing on. It’s great for reducing boredom, anxiety, and controlling destructive behavior.

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Pugs like any other dog love to chew stuff and the best way of keeping this destructive habit under control is by buying them the best chew toys for Pugs. Outward hound interactive puzzle toy is a soft and fun toy that will mentally motivate and occupy your Pug for a while. It’s a safe and interactive toy that you can use to play with your Pug.

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